10 quick steps to making your designs available for sale

Seller's Guide

  1. Click the sign-up button on the artist portal page

  2. Create your unique login.

  3. You will be redirected to artist dashboard

  4. Click request for approval

  5. Your approval will be accepted immediately.

  6. Click edit at the top of the page to add your details. Don't forget to set your commission percentage.

  7. Set your cover photo, profile picture, connect your Instagram and add a short Bio.

  8. To add your design, go to design at the top of the menu and click upload new design. Don't forget to add a title and description of your artwork.

  9. Your design will be approved within 6 hours and you will be able to see your designs as products on the website.

  10. Track your earnings, update your info and request payments whenever you would like to cash out!

You can compare max 4 products.