Preparing and uploading your artwork

Sellers Guide

File Types

Upload a High-Resolution JPG or PNG file. You can add your design through your dashboard under upload new design. We recommend you create your artwork in PSD or TIFF format to retain the highest file size. Then save as a JPG or PNG from Photoshop.

To obtain the exact dimensions to meet print requirements, you may need to crop your original high-resolution file.

Color Management

If it's RGB, keep it RGB.

If it's in CMYK, convert it to RGB. PNG files are automatically converted to RGB, so it’s recommended you convert it to RGB before saving out from Photoshop.

Save your artwork as JPG or PNG files using the print specs below:

Print Area (Width x Height)8100 x 9525 px
Resolution150 ppi
Bleed (Left, Right, Top, Bottom)225, 225, 262.5, 262.5 px
Safe Zone (Width x Height)7650 x 9000 px
If the file you have uploaded, does not match the requirements, an error message will be displayed automatically.

Add a suitable title for your design and add a description of what your artwork means!

Re-sampling will distort the quality of your work:

You may not increase the size by re-sampling in a photo editing program, as this will distort the quality of your work. Small mistakes are permanent when printed and appear much larger on large products. Imagine mistakes blown up on a Wall Tapestry. Clean lines and sharp imagery print well and sell better. Especially if creating transparent PNGs.

PRO TIP: Take this as an opportunity to create hi-res, high-quality archival versions of your artwork.


You always want to capture your files in the highest resolution and scale down. Scaling up will degrade the quality of your artwork and subsequent print. The most commonly returned items are those which failed to heed this rule.


To “design” the product is the most important part of the whole process. If the products look bad, your artwork can be brilliant, but no one will buy them.

You can compare max 4 products.